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Labradoodle Information Links

Labradoodle History

In 1988 The Royal Guide Dogs in Australia began a breeding and research program to produce a dog that was highly intelligent, with a wonderful disposition, that would not shed and therefore be allergy friendly. The Association carefully selected a female Labrador, and a male Poodle of superior quality to breed. Two men by the name of John Gosling, who was the Guide Dog Services Manager in Australia, and Wally Conran were the first to actually breed the Labrador to a Standard Poodle. They did this because of a lady by the name of Pat Blum, who lived in Hawaii and had lived with a vision impairment, but hesitated to apply for a Guide Dog because of her husband Rich’s allergy to dogs.

John Gosling agreed to breed the first litter of Labradoodles in an attempt to lessen the likelihood of allergic reactions. Pat Blum was overjoyed with the outcome and was able to finally get her much needed Guide Dog that she named

The Labradoodle is known for its outstanding intelligence and trainability, low allergy coat, low to non-shedding coat and lack of doggie odor. They are slightly heavier than the Standard Poodle with strong front limbs. They are an overall balanced dog with a slightly longer than square build.

The Labradoodle's head is broad and their eyes are large, slightly round and set apart. Their nose is square and large. The tail is like a saber and should be low set.

The Labradoodle is good with children and is easy to train. They get along well with other dogs, are extremely clever, sociable and joyful and quick to learn unusual or special tasks. They are active, a little comical at times and can attempt to outsmart their owners if undisciplined. They are non-aggressive and friendly, although obviously loyal to their own family.


Different Labradoodle Generations

There are many different types of Labradoodles that are being bred. Here are some examples of the most commonly found Labradoodle Generations.


Different Labradoodle Sizes

Labradoodles come in many different sizes and not all breeders use the same classifications for each size. Here is the most common classification of Labradoodle sizes.

Three Common Labradoodle Sizes:


Different Types of Labradoodle Coats

There are Hair, Fleece, and Wooly Coats with varying degrees of wave or curl. Here is some information about the various Labradoodle Coat Types.


Labradoodle Coat Colors

Here are a few of the various coat colors that you can find. Click on the color to see examples.


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