labradoodle breeders
labradoodle breeders
Bailey - Labradoodle
Bailey loves to dig up the yard!!!
Jessica - Goldendoodle
I came home from the studio to find my girls had been digging in the flower bed. Samantha (in back) Jessica (in front)
Sammi - F1 Labradoodle
He is a lovable big lump. Enjoys noting better than leaning on you to get his back scratched.
Rudy - Labradoodle
Rudy is loving and sweet. He loves being chased.
labradoodle breeders
Dirtiest Doodles!!!
Ricco - Labradoodle
Ricco is a 4 year old black doodle. He has a great set of long eyebrows and a long goatee (not so good after a drink of water!!!!).