Cutest Doodle Contest
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Welcome to the Cutest Doodle Contest!

Each month we give families a chance to enter their Doodle, and a chance to vote on who you think is the Cutest Doodle!

Own a Doodle? Everyone is invited to join! The winning Doodle will be featured on our homepage the following month with the Families Name, location, and description of their Doodle.

There are no charges for participation, and we aim to keep the contest free for as long as possible. We ask that you occasionally visit one of our site sponsors that are listed on the website, and encourage your friends and family to do the same when voting.

Limit 1 photo per month per dog. Families can enter more than one dog in a given month. Winning Doodles can not re-enter the current calendar year, however, families can enter a different doodle. Non-Winnering Doodles can re-enter the following month(s).

You can vote every TWO HOURS, so be sure to come back and vote for your favorite!!! If you try to vote a second time with-in two hours with the same IP address, you will simply be asked to vote at a later time.

We ask that families do not pay for votes or try to manipulate the system. This contest is done for enjoyment purposes, and your doodle will be eliminated if you have been found to be cheating. Keep it fun!

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These are the winning Doodles for 2010, and will be featured in the 2011 Cutest Doodles Calendar at the end of this year!
Dexter F1B Goldendoodle Charlie Goldendoodle Dexter F1B Goldendoodle Finnegan Labradoodle Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Coming Soon!Enter Today!

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